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Red Seal Endorsed – Forming / Framing / Finishing, we take care of your carpentry needs.

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With Castle Crest, you can rest assured that you will end up with a finished product that is the best your money can buy. Nick Shelton is a Red Seal Endorsed carpenter who will undertake the most important part of your new-home build—the structure. With  Castle Crest, the forming, framing, and all carpentry work are done in-house under Nick’s personal supervision. There is no subbing out to the lowest bidder.

When you start with a solid, accurately measured foundation, it follows that every element added in the building process will also be square (level and plumb).

Because we are general contractors, we manage the whole project. We’re on top of the budget. We will tell you if the fittings you’ve chosen for your bathrooms are going over-budget and you may elect to choose something a little less expensive. Or, you might decide to keep them and spend a little less on your flooring.

We can tell you at any given moment where you stand with respect to spending versus budget. And, any contingency monies that we have built into the budget that remain when your project is completed will be returned to you. That’s right; if we don’t spend it, it goes back to you!


Red Seal Endorsement (RSE)

The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeships (CCDA) recognizes the Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) as confirmation of a journeyperson’s knowledge, skills, and experience in his/her trade. This endorsement can only be obtained by successfully completing a Red Seal examination. Anyone who is using RSE after their name should also be able to present their certification papers to clients when requested.

Nick Shelton of Castle Crest Construction has his Red Seal in carpentry and is also registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC as an employer sponsor of apprentices. In this capacity, Nick is responsible for creating and supervising a work-based training plan that incorporates the full scope of the carpentry trade.



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With over 30 years of experience, Castle Crest Construction delivers high quality residential construction to homeowners throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


Castle Crest Construction can take care of your carpentry needs for your construction project. We assist with the entire process, from planning and budgeting to the completed project.


If you need a contractor to work on your commercial construction project, Castle Crest can help through the entire process, from planning, to finishing.

Castle Crest Construction built a house for us and were very pleased with their work. Everything turned out just as promised and on budget. The building process was well organized and Nick kept everyone on schedule. Everything was well planned and the house was finished in just a few months. We were very happy with the quality of their work. They are very knowledgeable and we would recommend them highly.

Tony and Carol Purcell

Castle Crest Construction have done two major renovations and two smaller renovations on our home. The first renovation was a very large project and we called several contractors to discuss the project. Nick Shelton was the only one who knew what needed to be done and was willing to handle the construction. The job was done in a totally professional way and the results were everything we had imagined.

Lonetta N Smith

Castle Crest Construction

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